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Many lodging options are available at USA Raft! Your choices are campgrounds, RV hookups, Tents on Platforms, Safari Tents, Bunkhouses, Rustic Cabins, Leisure Cabins, and Luxury Cabins.



Our Rustic Cabins are a great option for our guests who want to experience nature, but also want to enjoy the beauty and nature of West Virginia.

Capacity Price Per Night (Sun-Thurs) Price Per Night (Fri-Sat) Rate Includes (Persons)






Leisure Cabins LEISURE CABINS:

Our leisure cabins have a slightly more modern feel, and more amenities than our rustic cabins. These cabins are a great option for small groups who want all of the necessary amenities in the cabin, but without any extra frills.

Capacity Price Per Night (up to 4) Price Per Night (Additional Person)
11 $204 $20


bunkhouses BUNKHOUSE:

This is a great option for large groups! Dormitory style housing with central bathroom, kitchen facilities, two separate dorms with bathrooms and numerous bunks ensure the best value, and a great experience!

Unit Capacity Unit Rate Includes Rate Per Night Extra Person Per Night

16 per unit / 32 max





luxury cabins  LUXURY CABINS:

Want to go on a great outdoor adventure during the day, and then go to sleep in a cabin with all the luxuries of home? Then this is the option for you! Luxury cabins are equipped with every modern amenity that today’s modern family has become accustomed to.


Price Per Night (Sun-Thurs)

Price Per Night (Fri-Sat)

Price Per Night (Additional Person)

Rate Includes (Persons)

10 $384 $384 $20 4


tents on our campgroundsCAMPGROUNDS:

Of course, camping is always a great option for your weekend adventure! Our campgrounds are pet friendly and a fantastic option for those who enjoy all the nature and authenticity of camping. They are also conveniently located just a short walk away from our adventure lodge – where showers and other facilities are available.

Price Per Night (Sun-Thurs) Price Per Night (Fri-Sat)




Safari tents SAFARI TENTS:

Safari tents are exactly what they sound like! They provide all the necessary protection from the elements of nature, while still having a deep,”outdoorsy” feel. They are convenient to many facilities and amenities onsite.

Capacity Price Per Night (Sun-Thurs) Price Per Night (Fri-Sat) Rate Includes (Persons)






rv park RV PARK: 

Did you bring your own house on wheels? That’s fine too! Water and electric hookups are available.


Price Per Night (Sun-Thurs) Price Per Night (Fri-Sat)




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