Outdoor Explorations

horseback riding

No true West Virginia adventure would be complete without experiencing the many different ways to explore! Many options are available onsite, and are a great compliment to any zipline trip – and allow guests to keep their feet on the ground (or in the water)!

Local & Onsite Adventures include: (add gallery, don’t forget to add pictures from folders!)

Hiking – miles and miles of mountain trails are a fantastic way to get into nature while getting a also getting a low-impact full workout!

For some suggested trails and hiking etiquette, check out our blog post on the matter: Hiking is Fun

Scenic Float Trips – Piloted by River Expeditions, these fun and relaxing trips are a great way to experience the New River Gorge in a low stress environment.

ATV ToursGo flying through the mountains and valleys of West Virginia! If you are looking for a fun, fast, and adrenaline filled activity that is suitable for a variety of guests, be sure to take an ATV tour.

Mountain Biking РThis is a great way to reach places that would otherwise be unattainable. Additionally, it is a great way  to get your cardiovascular exercise in, with a great view the entire time.

Fishing – Who doesn’t like casting a reel and simply enjoying the peacefulness that accompanies fishing? A variety of different fish call the New River Gorge home, but the stand out catch is the Smallmouth Bass.

Horseback Riding – For many years, people have been exploring the New River Gorge via horseback. This is a unique opportunity to not only see nature, but to experience it in the same as so many of our forefathers did.

Rock Climbing – Not an activity for the faint of heart or someone with fear of heights! However, if this suits your inner adrenaline junkie, our staff is ready to show you the ropes (and cliffs)!


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